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Chemistry - Jitendra Hirwani - B-Tech IIT, Kharagpur- 20 yrs. exp.
A B.Tech in mining engineering from IIT Kharagpur, 2001, Jitendra Hirwani has been a mentor to Chemistry students for the last 20 years. He specialises in teaching the subject to JEE Main and Advanced aspirants. So far, he has mentored a whopping 30,000 students. He reaches out to students through his videos in Hinglish and Hindi to simplify Chemistry as well as to motivate the students to achieve their goals. He feels cramming the chemical formulae and equations is not the answer. Understanding it is.
Chemistry - Navneet Jethwani - B-Tech IIT, Delhi - 19 yrs exp.
An alumnus of IIT-Delhi, Navneet Jethwani follows the age-old saying ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’. No wonder then that Jethwani is recognised as a scholar in the exchange programme with Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland. Over his teaching career of 19 years, he has inspired lakhs of students all over the country. Among his success stories are AIR 1, 5, 7 and 48 among others. His videos are in English and Hinglish.
Chemistry - Prince Singh - NIIT, Jaipur - 10 yrs exp.
In the last 10 years as a teacher, Prince Singh has mentored 20,000 students. The reason for this high turnout is his popularity and his ability to reach out to young minds. An alumnus of MNIT, Jaipur, he has aided students to reach their highest potential. He specialises in teaching Chemistry to JEE Mains and Advanced aspirants. His videos in Hinglish and English on tips and tricks and illustrative and experimental-based inorganic and organic chemistry are most liked by his students.
Physics - Muqeem Khan- NIT, Allahabad - 20 yrs exp.
His reputation as an outstanding Physics teacher precedes him. Many students travel to Kota city to be tutored by him. Muqeem Khan, a B.Tech alumnus from NIT Allahabad, has been teaching for the last 20 years. In his long career as a teacher, he had taught Physics to over 30,000 students, some of whom successfully cleared JEE. Khan ensures that his techniques instils a strong love for the subject in the hearts of his students. He prefers to use Hinglish in his videos to explain the concepts and reach a wider audience.
Physics - Nipun Mittal - in Electrical - 10 yrs exp.
Nipun Mittal feels every student is a bright star — the only things needed to nudge him or her forward are proper guidance and motivation. In his career of 10 years, Mittal has mentored 20,000 students, many of whom have gone on to shine in JEE. He had produced AIR 6, 7, 24 and 48 among others in JEE exam. Mittal has a degree in B.Tech in Electrical. He conducts his classes in Hinglish and English.
Biology - Dr.Akanksha - MBBS (Gold Medalist) - 10 yrs exp.
A practising doctor with MBBS and MS in Obstetrics (Gynecology), a Gold Medalist, and a teacher —Dr Akanksha Agarwal is all three rolled into one. Despite a busy profession, it’s Dr Agarwal’s love for teaching that has kept her going for the last 10 years. She is has taught Biology to over 15,000 students. Some of them are now pursuing medicine. Known for her expertise in the subject, Agarwal ensures all her students get accurate quality education through her lectures on Botany and Zoology. She is comfortable teaching in Hinglish and English.
Biology - Himanshu Agarwal - M.Phil,M.Sc. (Biotechnology) - 17 yrs exp.
Himanshu Agarwal has been a mentor for the last 17 years. In these years, he has helped many students enter the medical field by cracking NEET. With M. Phil, M.Sc. (Biotechnology), and B.Ed degrees, Agarwal has also cleared CSIR-NET in 2003, undertaken several research projects, and cleared GRE and TOEFL exams. His specialisation is Botany, which he teaches using tips and tricks to help the students grasp and retain the subject much more easily. Agarwal uses Hinglish and English to make Biology a lively subject.
Chemistry - Anu Gupta - Marine Engineering - 14 yrs exp.
Anu Gupta completed his B.Tech in Marine Engineering from MERI Kolkata. He turned to teaching 14 years ago and found it to be his calling. Gupta uses tips and tricks to make improve the students’ recall value. He feels the subject is all about strong calculative powers and logical reasoning—both of which get a shade easier when interspersed with mnemonics. Gupta’s recorded videos are in Hinglish.