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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why should I take this test?
These Scholarship Tests give you an opportunity to receive discounts on selected Amazon Academy course packs based on your percentile rank. You will also get to know your All-India Rank, subject-wise analysis and performance comparison with fellow JEE / NEET aspirants who take the Scholarship Tests on Amazon Academy.
2. What are the selected Amazon Academy packs?
JEE (Target Year 2024) - Ultimate Pack (Class 11); JEE (Target Year 2023) - Ultimate Pack (Class 12); NEET (Target Year 2024) - Ultimate Pack (Class 11); or NEET (Target Year 2023) - Ultimate Pack (Class 12).
3. What are these discounts?
All participants will receive discount codes based on their performance. If you do not have an existing subscription to the selected Amazon Academy packs yet, you will get a discount code that you can use to enrol for these packs (Enrolment Discount). In addition to this, all participants will receive a discount code before the selected Amazon Academy pack expires, to be used if you choose to renew your subscription to the selected packs (Renewal Discount).
4. Is this Scholarship Test free?
5. What is the syllabus of the Scholarship Test?
The syllabus for the Class 11 Scholarship Test (for students moving into Class 11 from Class 10 in 2022) is from Class 9 and 10 syllabuses, covering 4 subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics. The syllabus for the Class 12 Scholarship Test (for students moving into Class 12 from Class 11 in 2022) is from the Class 11 syllabus. Currently we are not offering any Scholarship Tests for students in Class 12 (i.e. moving out of Class 12 in 2022 and appearing for JEE/NEET in 2022).
7. Can I take more than one Scholarship Test?
Yes. After each attempt you will be issued a discount code corresponding with your performance in that Test. You can choose to use any ONE of the Enrolment Discount and/or ONE of the Renewal Discount code (as applicable) issued following your attempt(s) of the Scholarship Tests. Discount codes issued from multiple attempts of Scholarship Tests cannot be combined with any other discount codes or any other offers from Amazon Academy.
8. Do I need to register for the tests?
No, you can just log-in to Amazon Academy website or app and start the Test at the scheduled date and time.
9. I have already purchased a selected Amazon Academy pack. Can I still take the Test?
Yes. If you have purchased one of the selected Amazon Academy packs you are eligible to take the Scholarship Test and receive a Renewal Discount code to use when you renew your subscription of the selected pack.
10. When will I get my Test report and discounts?
You will get your Test performance report (via email) with detailed analytics within two days of your Scholarship Test attempt. We will send you the discount codes via email within seven days of each Scholarship Test attempt.
11. What shall I do if I did not get the discount code?
Please wait seven days after your test to receive your discount code. If you do not receive an email by that date, please contact us here.
12. How long would the codes be valid?
Enrolment Discount codes will expire 15 days from the date the code is sent to you. Renewal Discount codes will expire 30 days from the date the code is sent to you.
13. I created my account with phone number and have not given my email id on Amazon Academy. How will I get the discounts?
Log in to and add an email address by going to Your Account and selecting Login & security.
14. When will we get the Renewal Discount ?
Before the expiry of your subscription of the selected Amazon Academy packs, we will share the Renewal Discount. If you do not receive an email by the time your pack is up for renewal, please contact us here.
15. How can I contact Amazon Academy Support?
For customer support, please contact Customer Service by tapping on the customer support link available in the Amazon Academy app or the Amazon Academy webpage or by using the following link:
16. What are the terms and conditions for the Scholarship Test?
Refer to the Scholarship Test Terms and Conditions at the following link:
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